More Hillary on GTA:SA

For anyone who is actually interested in what Hillary Clinton has to say about the ESRB’s decision to rerate Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as AO instead of the previous M, we have her comments here for you.

"I am glad that the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s investigation has gotten to the bottom of this very troubling issue and has taken the much needed action of changing the rating of this game from M to AO. But the fact remains that the company gamed the ratings system and enabled pornographic material to get into the hands of children.

So many parents already feel like they are fighting a battle against violence and sexually explicit material with their hands tied behind their backs. We need companies to be responsible and we need rating systems that work.

While I applaud the ESRB for its quick and thorough investigation, I urge the ESRB to redouble its efforts to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again and that games already reviewed do not have the same vulnerabilities. And I hope the company will follow through on its pledge to urge retailers to pull this game off the shelves until proper labels are put in place. I also hope it allows parents to return the game for a refund."

by lindsay
07/22/2005 01:13PM
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