Is The Sims Worse than GTA?

So apparently getting Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas out of every store in America wasn’t enough for him. Now, Jack Thompson, the Miami lawyer who was in the forefront of the Hot Coffee scandal, wants to get rid of The Sims for displaying "full frontal nudity, including nipples, penises, labia, and pubic hair." He says, "this is no different than what is in San Andreas, although worse."  Thompson accuses The Sims of this because of a cheat code that can remove the blurring over The Sims when they take their clothes off. Indeed this cheat code does exist (and has for a long, long time), but when the blur is removed, The Sims look about as realistic as Ken and Barbie. The Sims are not anatomically correct and therefore, Thompson’s statement is untrue. We suggest he does his research next time before coming after another video game.

by lindsay
07/25/2005 09:59AM
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