Next Game from Street Fighter 2 and Resident Evil Designer

Yoshiki Okamoto, a veteran designer for Capcom who is best known for his work on Street Fighter 2 and Resident Evil, has announced his first game for the Xbox 360.

"Up until now," Okamoto said, "I was probably known for games that involved punching, kicking, shooting, and killing."

Okamoto’s requtation is about to change. His next game is titled Every Party and is going to be a game for all ages with no violence and no gore.

Every Party is a four-person multiplayer party game. From what we can gather, the game sounds reminiscent of Mario Party. Players make their way around a game board by spinning a roulette wheel. The game will contain lots of entertaining mini-games.

There was no release date given for the game although the game was shown at the Xbox Summit and looks like it is in the final stages. The game may even be released with the launch of the Xbox 360.

by lindsay
07/26/2005 01:16PM
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