Grand Theft Auto V Cruelty to Animals Petition Reaches Current Goal
Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto V thepetitionsite petition just hit its 84,000 electronic-signature goal. The petition protests the treatment of animals in Grand Theft Auto V, citing specifically "running over a helpless kitten" and "beheading animals."  This petition holds no power over the actions of Rockstar Games.  According to the site's FAQ, the petitions are designed to get companies to take notice of issues. The more people that sign a petition, the more likely companies will be forced into action. 

This petition stems from a boycott by the animals rights group, In Defense of Animals.  The IDA was founded in 1983. Its mission, according the the website, is to "fight apathy, build empathy and take concrete action to end all forms of animal exploitation worldwide."  

With the desired result of a petition being "as many people as possible," the creators of the petition now have the option to adjust the amount of desired signatures.  So a new goal is probably inevitable. 

Source: thepetitionsite

10/21/2013 03:30AM
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