The Nintendo Switch Closer to Being Hacked
Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has already been hacked! Well, almost. The system has a hidden (planned to be opened to the public later, though) Internet browser, and a reputable hacker known for jailbreaking both the iPhone and PlayStation 4 has been able to not only access the browser, but open it up for coding.

The most fascinating piece of this is the hacker, known as “qwertyoruiop” was able to get into the browser using the same toolkit they developed for iOS.  Only the iOS-specific parts of the code needed to be removed to get it to work. 

This doesn’t mean the Nintendo Switch has been “hacked,” blown wide-open for piracy or whatever yet. Qwertyoruiop clarified on Twitter that all he has done is shown it is possible to run code in the device’s browser. This vulnerability is likely a huge concern for Nintendo, but the community is stressing a low level of risk for the end-user. Don’t expect Nintendo hackers to be using the device to steal anyone’s credit card information.

Source: Wololo

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/14/2017

03/14/2017 11:30AM
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