Fallout 76 Has a Fun Way to Deal with Griefers
Fallout 76

As we all know, Fallout 76 blends the open world RPG trappings of Bethesda’s take on Fallout, with online, MMO-like gameplay. While most Fallout fans are excited to have a new game in general, just as many may be worried about players who like to mess with others in online games, otherwise known as “griefers.” Luckily, the team at Bethesda knows that’s a concern and already has stuff in place to deal with them.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard said, “We turn the assholes into interesting content.” Basically, if a player opts to kill another player, the offending party will be branded by Fallout 76 as a “wanted murderer.” This will slap a bounty on the player’s head, which will be based on their level, and taken out of their own bottle cap reserves.

To make things even more fun, players will be able to see murderers on their Fallout 76 mini-maps. They will be denoted as big, red stars. At the same time, those murderers will have no idea they’ve been branded as such, as they are quietly flagged by the game. Additionally, if the original victim is able to get revenge against their own murderers, they’ll get double the caps in return.

Essentially, PVP in Fallout 76 will be hilarious.

Source: Polygon 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/13/2018

08/13/2018 12:45PM


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