Fallout 76 Mutation and Perk Exploit Allows Players to Fly
Fallout 76

One of the unique aspects of Fallout 76 is the ability to gain mutations and combine them with perks for perhaps unexpected effects. To that end, a YouTuber discovered a magical combination that allowed him to pretty much fly around the map. It's time for a great Fallout 76 exploit!

This is a trick that, according to YouTuber TYR, should be available for higher-level players. The mutations you’ll need are Marsupial and Bird Bones. Marsupial boosts a player’s jump height, while Bird Bones makes falling speed slower. This effectively reduces the effect of gravity in the game. To get these mutations, TYR suggests going to the Cranberry Bog at Drop Site C2, sitting in toxic water and dying until the mutations kick in, then server hop for the next one.

But once you toss in the perk card Strange in Numbers, things get weird. That perk card increases positive mutation effects by 25% if you’re in a team with people who are also using mutations.

What TYR did was get a team together and had each member use Strange in Numbers. The 25% boost actually stacks, so with enough people he was essentially able to bound across the map like a superhero.

Source: VG 24/7 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 12/18/2018

12/18/2018 10:55AM
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