Could Call of Duty Be Heading to Vietnam?
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A new rumor about the next Call of Duty game has appeared. There are hints dropping on the internet like bombs, exploding with possibilities about the 2020 installment. A rumor heard by Gaming Intel suggests it could be a game set in Asia, specifically in either Vietnam or on the Pacific Front.

If set in Vietnam, it would likely be a Call of Duty based on the Vietnam War that ran from November 1955 until April 1975. This war was between North and South Vietnam. In it, the United States supported South Vietnam, alongside countries like Australia and the Philippines. North Vietnam was supported by China and the Soviet Union. This second Indochina War ended with Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam becoming communist countries. 

If the rumors are true and the 2020 Call of Duty is one set on the Pacific Front, then it would be another World War II game. This means it would probably take part during the Pacific War involving the various countries and islands in the Pacific Ocean around Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

Since the 2019 Call of Duty hasn't even been announced yet, we will not be hearing about the 2020 installment for a while yet. Still, it seems like these two settings are two very plausible locations. Especially since the Vietnam War is one that has not been explored often in video games. A Call of Duty game based on it with a full story mode could explore the repercussions of America losing that war.

Source: Gaming Intel

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 03/22/2019

03/22/2019 09:30AM
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