Pokemon Masters, Pokemon Home, and Pokemon Sleep Revealed
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The Pokemon Company held a massive Pokemon 2019 Press Conference on May 28, 2019, and all sorts of new games and projects were announced. Some were brief asides referencing new games, such as the continuation of the Detective Pikachu video game series, which will come to the Nintendo Switch. Others involved merchandise, like Pokemon Shirts. But, the three biggest reveals were Pokemon Masters, Pokemon Home, and Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Masters is a mobile game being developed by DeNA. It will appear on both Android and iOS devices. In it, people will face iconic trainers and gym leaders who have appeared throughout the series. Apparently, you will even be able to battle alongside them. It will appear in 2019.

Pokemon Home is the evolution of the Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Bank. Except, instead of just being a way to store handheld games’ Pokemon and transmit them between titles, it will work with pretty much every Pokemon game when it launches in 2020. People can connect to it with Pokemon Go, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Bank. You can then trade characters from all three sources using consoles or phones.

Finally, there will be Pokemon Sleep. This is going to be a Select Button-developed mobile game that you play while you sleep. By which I mean, it will keep tabs on your sleep cycle to engage in its activities. It will be released in 2020 alongside the Pokemon Plus+, an updated version of the Pokemon Plus device that works with Pokemon Go. This peripheral will be updated to provide input via its sensors for Pokemon Sleep when you keep it next to you at night.

We’ll see all of these applications and games, as well as Pokemon Sword and Shield, starting in late 2019 and into 2020.

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Jenni Lada

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Date: 05/29/2019

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