The Last of Us: Part II Media Event Could Reveal New Details
The Last of Us Part II

Sony and Naughty Dog have been incredibly tight-lipped about The Last of Us: Part II. But now, it seems like we’re about to learn something new about the next leg of Ellie’s journey. On Twitter, gaming personality Geoff Keighley shared an image of a The Last of Us: Part II media event invitation for September 24, 2019. It will be held in Los Angeles, California.

No details about the event have surfaced yet. However, past The Last of Us: Part II experiences have resulted in new gameplay footage, cinematic sequences, and details about gameplay. For example, the last public showing was at E3 2018, Sony’s last E3 appearance. During the presentation, we began by seeing Ellie at a party with another woman. The two of them danced and kissed, during which Ellie tried to insist that she’s “just a girl, not a threat.” However, after this tender sequence, we see gameplay where Ellie is exploring a dilapidated city and killing violent humans who are after her.

There was a private The Last of Us: Part II showing at the 2019 GameStop Managers Conference. This included more gameplay footage with elements not shown during the E3 2018 presentation. For example, while Ellie was moving around and trying to sneak up on enemies in the E3 2018 footage, the footage at the GameStop 2019 event apparently involved a darkened area with only fire and flashlights and a need for Ellie to use Clickers to take out her human opponents. Troy Baker, who plays Joel in the series, also appeared at the GameStop event.

A new look at gameplay seems like a given for this media event. However, a The Last of Us: Part II release date reveal also seems quite likely. Especially since there have been plenty of leaks and teases. Early in February 2019, it seemed like an October 2019 release date could be possible. But then, back in July 2019, rumors seemed to suggest a possible February 2020 release window after an interview with Ellie’s voice actress, Ashley Johnson, almost seemed to let a possible date slip out.

Source: Twitter

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Jenni Lada

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Date: 09/10/2019

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