Red Dead Online Zombies May Hint at an Undead Nightmare
Red Dead Online

People have been finding some rather suspicious-looking characters in Red Dead Online lately. By that, I don’t mean the ordinary thieves and rascals running around the west. People have been stumbling across people who seem to be zombies, and it keeps happening in ways that seem too deliberate to possibly be bugs or glitches. There are suggestions that these could be a tease for some sort of Undead Nightmare-like event for Halloween 2019.

These zombie encounters seem to proceed in a certain way. Users, like Rijeetwastaken, Snjtx, and Middling Hawk have all shared stories and videos of the interactions. Their avatar will be exploring the world, but then happen upon a dog. They’ll follow the dog, which will lead them to a corpse. (Usually, it is to the same body of a deceased woman, but some people have seen male zombies.) The corpse’s body is an odd color, has glowing green eyes, blinks, and sometimes even seems like it is moving its mouth and trying to talk. People can steal items from these bodies and then “kill” them. 

Rockstar has not said anything about the strange bodies appearing in Red Dead Online. However, some people have reported being involved in similar situations that weren’t supernatural. One, who commented on a picture shared by Groats_Active of another zombie encounter, shared such a story. IndietheTVShow mentioned the barking dog led them to the corpse, but then reported being attacked by another living NPC and the dog as part of an ambush. A second person said they had a similar ambush encounter.

We’ll have to wait a bit closer to Halloween to find out if these unusual corpses with glowing eyes that seem a bit active are just glitched characters or the first sign of an Undead Nightmare-style zombie apocalypse in Red Dead Online. Given that the game isn’t a stranger to the supernatural, due to UFO encounters in Red Dead Redemption 2, perhaps there could be something more to all this. The truth is out there.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 09/20/2019

09/20/2019 10:30AM
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