Darksiders Genesis Will Bring Strife Later This Year
Darksiders Genesis

We’ve seen what War, Death, and Fury have been going through in the Darksiders universe. Now, it’s time for the final Horseman to get his due. Strife’s game, Darksiders Genesis, has been dated. Though, only one platform will be getting it in 2019. Everyone else is going to end up having to wait until 2020 to get into the game.

Darksiders Genesis will appear first on PCs. People will be able to find it there on December 5, 2019. That applies both to the general PC release and the Google Stadia debut. People who prefer the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One will have to wait until February 14, 2020. We'll have to wait and see to learn more about possible preorder incentives or different sorts of editions.

Darksiders Genesis is a prequel, set before the near-simultaneous events of the three existing games. In it, Strife and War have been given a new assignment by The Council. Lucifer is causing trouble in hell, giving power over demons. It’s up to Strife and War to figure out what is going on in a top-down, action-RPG along the lines of Diablo.

People can play alone or with a friend. If you go it alone, then you can switch between Strife’s ranged attacks and War’s more traditional melee ones. Each character will also have their own special attacks that can be used when you build up burst abilities that can deal massive damage to foes. We’ll have to wait and see if the other Horsemen also end up making appearances in the game.

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Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 10/22/2019

10/22/2019 10:45AM
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