The Last of Us: Part II Has Already Been Delayed
The Last of Us Part II

Not even a month after its release date announcement, and we’ve already learned The Last of Us: Part II won’t be arriving on time. Worst of all, this is going to be a rather substantial delay. The new The Last of Us: Part II release date is now May 29, 2020.

Originally, after quite a bit of build up, February 21, 2020 was revealed as The Last of Us: Part II release date. It was quite a big to-do, with that launch and new information about characters revealed. (For example, it was confirmed that Joel would be back and helping Ellie on her new adventure.) Now, people need to wait an additional three months to find out what’s going on.

As expected, the regular excuses for the delay were offered. The game didn’t seem like it was up to the level of quality Naughty Dog expected. Rather than release it as-is, not looking as well as the developer expected, it decided to delay it to make sure everything does look the way it wants. The hope is to provide the right amount of polish for the final product.

This might be the second disappointing blow for The Last of Us: Part II fans. Last month, it was also confirmed that there would be no multiplayer present in the game. Instead, this will be a single-player experience. However, Naughty Dog did note that Factions, the name of the original game’s multiplayer portion, isn’t dead. 

Source: PlayStation Blog

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 10/25/2019

10/25/2019 09:50AM
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