Airplane Mode Will Give Gamers a Seat in Coach
Airplane Mode

Video games that are simulations of daily activities, like building a PC or driving a bus, aren’t all that uncommon. However, AMC’s first game is going to kick that up with a recreation of an even more banal activity: riding in an airplane. More specifically, Airplane Mode will have you sitting in coach while you fly on an international flight across the Atlantic.

Airplane Mode will last as long as an actual flight with randomized events involving the cabin crew, pilots, and fellow passengers. (Apparently, unhappy babies will be among those around you, but not always.) People will be able to get a meal, look in their carry-on to check their book or grab their headphones, look at an IFC-produced safety video, check the screen on the back of the seat in front of you to see how far you have traveled, read the inflight magazine, watch things on the seat back, and even deal with bad WiFi. You could even experience a delay!

An initial Airplane Mode trailer offers a better idea of what to expect on its flights. In the clip, it says the flight will last five hours and forty-five minutes. 

The first good look at Airplane Mode came during the November 12, 2019 Desert Bus for Hope 2019 livestream, which raises money for Child’s Play. An alpha build appeared during the event, ahead of the game’s official 2020 launch. This is due to the fact that Airplane Mode is inspired by Desert Bus, the eight-hour minigame from the unreleased Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors that has people driving a bus from Tucscon, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada in real-time on a straight road. 

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 11/12/2019

11/12/2019 11:15AM
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