Arcade 1Up Has New Star Wars and NBA Jam Cabinets
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At CES 2020, Arcade 1Up showed off all the new additions to its home arcade cabinet line. Who’s ready for some iconic series and pinball? It turns out it is experimenting with what it can offer, which include an NBA Jam cabinet that lets you play with other people online and new virtual pinball machines for series like Star Wars.

The NBA Jam Arcade 1Up cabinet includes NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and NBA Hangtime. The original rosters are mostly intact, with only a few characters missing due to licensing issues. It will also have a first for this line of cabinets: free online multiplayer. People will be able to go online and play against other people with the cabinet in all three games.

The Arcade 1Up 3/4th scale pinball cabinets are also exciting. The company is partnering up with Zen Studio and Bally/Williams for virtual pinball cabinets. So it’s all digital, so you don’t have to worry about servicing delicate parts, but keeps everything that makes pinball fun. It has an accelerometer, so you can hit it to nudge the balls around on the table or try to tilt the machine in your favor. It will also have WiFi for its leaderboards. A Star Wars cabinet was shown on the CES 2020 show floor.

Other cabinets were also shown for the first time at CES 2020. One cabinet will have Altered Beast, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Shinobi, and Wrestle War packed into it. People will also be able to get one with Frogger and Time Pilot and another with Bad Dudes, Burger Time, Caveman Ninja, and Karate Champ.

Source: IGN, Twitter

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

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Date: 01/08/2020

01/08/2020 09:55AM
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