Can You Tell A Game Journalist From A Hobo?
The Game Developer’s Conference is in full swing, with industry vets and new blood alike walking the halls, sharing their wisdom and ideas with one another and perhaps shaping the future of gaming. To help lubricate the proceedings, alcohol is present, and so it wasn’t seen as out of sorts when a man reeking of beer found his way into the conference. No one batted an eye, even as he stumbled in on an interview between gaming outlet Edge and off-beat game developer Suda 51.

Edge assumed he was with Warner Bros. Warner, however, assumed he was with Edge, which causes one to wonder just how low each industry branches’ opinion of the other truly falls. He was, in fact, a homeless man who’d managed to sneak into the event and sat in on the interview for a full ten minutes before it became apparent that he was in no way connected with any journalistic outfit and was quickly ejected.

Suda, known for his surreal games, was apparently struck speechless by the event.

By Shelby Reiches

03/08/2012 09:55AM
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