Is Hearth Fire Another Skyrim Expansion?
ZeniMax has been filing quite a few trademarks recently. This all started with their trademark for Dawnguard, which turned out to be the title of the first batch of Skyrim DLC. Then, earlier this month, they filed a trademark for Dragonborn, which many believed pointed toward yet another expansion or batch of DLC content. However, it might only be ZeniMax and Bethesda protecting their IP. For example, ZeniMax filed a trademark for Fus Ro Dah early in April, and that probably isn’t pointing toward any new product or service.

It appears they are at it again, as Fusible has discovered a trademark filing for “Hearth Fire.” Incredible Skyrim nerds out there will recognize Hearth Fire as a skill book in Skyrim. Hearthfire (one word) is also the name of one of the twelve seasons in Elder Scrolls lore.

Why file a trademark for something as specific as a skill book or a season? Possibly because there is some other type of Skyrim content coming based on the skill or season? We aren’t particularly sure. Bethesda has made no official announcement yet, and it is unlikely that we will see any new information on the matter come out of E3. We will just have to wait and speculate on this one for now.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

05/30/2012 07:09AM
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