Epic Announces Unreal Engine 4 Partnership Program
Unreal Engine 4


With next-gen game development picking up speed, Epic Games, the developer behind the Unreal Engine 4, has chosen to optimize its relationships with various developers with a newly-instated Integrated Partners Program. According to Tim Sweeney, founder and technical director of Epic Games, “The new Integrated Partners Program helps Unreal Engine 4 developers maximize their time with the most advanced toolset we’ve ever developed.” 


The first round of program inductees has already been revealed:

  • Audiokinetic – Wwise
  • Autodesk – Autodesk Gameware
  • Donya Labs – Simplygon
  • Geomerics– Enlighten
  • IDV – SpeedTree for Games
  • Intel – Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB)
  • NaturalMotion – morpheme and euphoria
  • NVIDIA – PhysX and APEX
  • Oculus VR – Oculus Rift
  • RAD Game Tools – Bink Video and Telemetry Performance Visualizer
  • RealD – RealD Developer Kit (RDK)
  • Umbra Software – Umbra 3
  • Xoreax – IncrediBuild-XGE

Source: Develop-online


by Austin Wood
06/06/2013 01:05PM
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