Sony To Show 40+ Games At E3 2013



E3 2013 expectations have been set to a high bar after the respective reveal of events of the PS4 and Xbox One, and with Nintendo withdrawing from the event entirely, we expect even more from the two remaining titans. It seems that Sony is eager to show their stuff, as they’ve now announced that they will be showcasing more than 40 games across the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

That’s right; 40. Four. Zero. 


Of course, we’ve already got an idea of what we’ll be seeing. Beyond: Two Souls, Killzone Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, The Last of Us, Drive Club, Destiny, The Evil Within, and Tearaway will likely make an appearance, but that’s but a small portion of the massive 40+ titles that have been implied.

Source: Gamespot

by Austin Wood
06/06/2013 10:45AM
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