NBA Live Lives In 2014
NBA Live 14


EA hasn’t released an NBA title since NBA Live 10. After that release, they attempted a rebranding of the series the following year with NBA Elite 11, took a subsequent sabbatical, and then cancelled NBA Live 13. With the next generation of hardware around the corner, though, EA is ready to tackle the court once more with NBA Live 14.


Using EA Sports’ new Ignite Engine, NBA Live 14 promises a truer-to-the-court experience with “bounceTek,” a new physics engine being applied to the ball that makes it an independent entity on the court rather than a locked expression of the ball handler (FIFA implemented something similar not too long ago). The game will also feature on-the-fly roster updates, with EA promising that they’ll go live within an hour of their actual, real-world occurrences.

NBA Live 14 will be available on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though there is no confirmed release window as of yet.


06/10/2013 02:50PM
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