Ubisoft Unveils Tom Clancy's The Division


Ubisoft finally took their turn in the E3 spotlight, and they certainly didn’t pull punches. Minutes after teasing us with yet another Watch Dogs snippet, they showed us their rumored mystery project. Surprisingly, the big announcement was another open-world game for Ubisoft to add to their next-gen repertoire, but on a very different scale than Watch Dogs. I’m talking about Tom Clancy’s The Division, a pandemic-inspired, TPS MMORPG set for release on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Ubisoft took the high route on this one and showed us much more than a logo for the game’s abrupt reveal. In fact, we saw several minutes of The Division, and it looks quite promising.


To reiterate, the game is a third-person shooter MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. Shocking, right? Luckily, following in The Last of Us’ footsteps, The Division has put an interesting spin on the end of the world. This time, it was caused by an uncontrolled illness that spread throughout the densely-packed United States due to our “complex” and “fragile” structure.

The game is clearly party based to some degree, given that we saw three players playing cooperatively, but single-player modes will likely be included. It’s certainly open world, and transportation doesn’t seem to be an issue—in fact, players can practically teleport through the illness-ridden cityscape.

Sure, the game looks like Rage meets Brink meets Infamous, but it’s brand new and pretty damn cool. It’s certainly worth following, so stay tuned to our E3 Index for more info on The Division

06/10/2013 04:45PM
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