PS4 Dismisses All Trading/Used-Game Restrictions



Sony’s E3 press conference held more answers than even the greediest game journalists could possibly ask for (though I’m still a bit peeved at The Last Guardian’s absence). Among them, the hardware titan laid virtually every next-gen concern to an utter and well-deserved rest:

·      The PS4 will not, in any way, impose on the sale or use of used games. Absolutely no DRM will be enforced.

·      Players have complete control over their copy of a game. They may trade it in, sell it, lend it to a friend, or simply keep it all to themselves

There will never be a need to connect to the Internet regularly for the sake of maintaining functionality. As Sony CEO Jack Tretton pointed out, the system will not shut down if it does not connect to the Internet every 24 hours. In other words, it’s not always-on.


Sony’s policies towards Internet connection and used games are the antithesis of Microsoft's Policies. With such contrasting views towards essential components of modern consoles, one company or the other will more than likely come out as a clear winner of the next-gen console wars.

06/10/2013 08:10PM
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