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12/23/2019 - Twitch Donates $1 Million to St. Jude

The DrLupo Fortnite charity stream for St. Jude ended up raising over $2 million.

12/23/2019 - DOA 6 Gives PS Plus and XBLG Members a Special Freebie

Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters temporarily comes with an extra character if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

12/20/2019 - Red Dead Online Holiday Event Brings the Holiday Spirit

Everyone in Red Dead Online is decorating and singing carols, and Rockstar has a free gift for players too!

12/18/2019 - Stadia Library Expands With 3 Major Games

Time for the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and Borderlands 3 Stadia debuts.

12/18/2019 - Star Wars Jedi Developer Hiring for a New Game

Respawn wants more people to join its Star Wars team.

12/17/2019 - The Outer Worlds DLC Will Arrive in 2020

More adventures with friends will arrive with The Outer Worlds DLC next year.

12/17/2019 - Merry Gears 5 Gearsmas, Everyone!

The weather outside is frightful, and it seems like it is frightfully fun inside with Gears 5 too!

12/13/2019 - Project Scarlett Is Xbox Series X

Is Xbox Series X a better name than Project Scarlett?

12/13/2019 - See All of The Game Awards 2019 Winners

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was among the games getting top honors!

12/11/2019 - Fight Night Round 4 Online Multiplayer Disappearing

EA decided it is time to retire a feature in its boxing game.

12/11/2019 - The Division 2 Gets in the Spirit of the Season

The holidays have come to The Division 2 and brought free seasonal updates.

12/10/2019 - MLB the Show Multiplatform Releases Confirmed

There'll be no more away games for MLB the Show in a few years.

12/10/2019 - Redbox Game Rentals End

Redbox game rentals are no more, as you can't find them at any kiosk. But, there's still a way to get games.

12/06/2019 - December 2019 PlayStation State of Play Announced

Plenty of PlayStation 4 news is coming to help hype people up for 2020.

12/06/2019 - Plex Adds Ad-supported Video-on-Demand

People can now watch movies and shows (with a few commercials) for free on Plex.

12/04/2019 - Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Will Appear in January 2020

PS4 and Xbox One owners will get the best possible Pillars of Eternity II experience in January 2020.

12/04/2019 - NVIDIA Study Explains How FPS Affects eSports

Ever wondered exactly how FPS works and affects competitive gaming? There's a study that explains it in a simple way.

12/03/2019 - Resident Evil 3 Remake Covers Appear on PSN

Even more fuel is being added to the Resident Evil 3 remake bonfire.

12/03/2019 - Super Mario Maker 2 Getting a Little The Legend of Zelda

The Super Mario Maker 2 will sure have a Link to the past in it.

11/27/2019 - Facebook Now Owns the Beat Saber Developer

Beat Saber developer Beat Games has a new owner. What does this mean for the game?

11/27/2019 - COD Modern Warfare Season 1 Has the Most Freebies Ever

Get a glimpse at some of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One additions ahead of its launch.

11/25/2019 - Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Monetization Being Considered

Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer could have monetization elements, but CD Projekt Red is only "experimenting" for now.

11/25/2019 - Google Stadia Resolution Issues Blamed on Developers

Google Stadia has some launch issues, but one is apparently the fault of game developers.

11/22/2019 - Rumor: Resident Evil 3 Remake Release Coming Soon

Could we see a Resident Evil 3 remake very soon? A rumor says it's possible.

11/22/2019 - First Paid Borderlands 3 DLC and Free Raid Appear

It seems like this new Borderlands 3 DLC's got moxie (and Moxxi)!

11/20/2019 - Amazon Black Friday 2019 Deals Teased

The Amazon Black Friday 2019 sale will begin on November 22, 2019, and it has already begun teasing some of its deals.

11/20/2019 - The Game Awards 2019 Nominees Named

All The Game Awards nominees have been named, so start voting for all your favorites!

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