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11/15/2019 - Lots of Kingdom Hearts Xbox One Games Are Coming

All those Kingdom Hearts games Xbox owners missed are on the way to the Xbox One.

11/15/2019 - Halo: Reach Remaster Will Arrive Next Month

Who's ready to play the Halo: Reach remaster on their Xbox Ones and PCs?

11/13/2019 - Wolfenstein: Youngblood Adds More Free Missions and Skins

Prepare for some new endgame activities with Wolfenstein: Youngblood!

11/13/2019 - Five Nights at Freddy's Preparing to Scare Switch Owners

Four of the Five Nights at Freddy's games are heading to a new home later this month.

11/12/2019 - Airplane Mode Will Give Gamers a Seat in Coach

Move over, Desert Bus, as AMC's Airplane Mode will cast players as a passenger in coach on a plane.

11/12/2019 - 12 Google Stadia Launch Games Will Be Available

Find out which Google Stadia games will be available at and shortly after launch.

11/12/2019 - The Sonic Movie Shows Off Its New Look

Get a better look at the new and improved Sonic movie!

11/08/2019 - Best Buy Black Friday 2019 Ad Leaks

The Black Friday Best Buy 2019 ad has arrived, with a preview and a leak both showing off lots of gaming deals.

11/08/2019 - Lots of Free Call of Duty: Modern Warfare DLC Appears

Report for duty and test out a new, free mode and maps.

11/06/2019 - Target Black Friday 2019 Ad Makes Its Debut

The Target Black Friday ad is here, and lots of consoles and games will definitely be drastically reduced this year.

11/06/2019 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods Already Beginning to Appear

Even though it has only been available on PCs for one day, some early Red Dead Redemption 2 mods have appeared.

11/05/2019 - Hideo Kojima Wants to Make Movies

Kojima Productions might be making more than games eventually.

11/05/2019 - Wake Up Early for a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Terry Stream

Rise and shine with a stream going over the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character tomorrow.

11/01/2019 - Enter Citadel: Forged with Fire on Almost Every Platform

This new MMORPG gives everyone a chance to be a wizard.

11/01/2019 - Netflix The Witcher Series Begins in December 2019

Prepare to Netflix and chill with Geralt next month.

11/01/2019 - First Major WWE 2K20 Patch Enters the Ring

2K and Visual Concepts are following through on the promise to fix WWE 2K20.

10/30/2019 - NBA Live 20 Has Been Canceled

Looks like NBA 2K20 has no competition in 2019.

10/30/2019 - PlayStation Vue Service Will End in 2020

Bad news for PlayStation Vue users.

10/29/2019 - Latest Xbox All Access Plan Includes Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft has made its Xbox All Access subscription models offer people even more content.

10/25/2019 - Next Rainbow Six and Watch Dogs Games Delayed

Ubisoft just pushed back the release dates for three of its 2020 games.

10/25/2019 - The Last of Us: Part II Has Already Been Delayed

I hope your heart wasn't set on playing The Last of Us: Part II in February.

10/23/2019 - Google Stadia Founders Edition Sold Out

While one Google Stadia option is gone, it fortunately wasn't the only one available.

10/23/2019 - Red Dead Online's Halloween Includes Masks and a Bounty

Grab a mask and head into the swamp in Red Dead Online!

10/22/2019 - Darksiders Genesis Will Bring Strife Later This Year

The next Darksiders game will show up on one platform this year, and the rest next year.

10/22/2019 - MLB the Show 20 Will Step Up to Bat Next March

Are you ready to play ball with MLB the Show 20?

10/18/2019 - Fallout 76 NPCs Delayed

The wasteland is still looking pretty lonely.

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