Grand Theft Auto V Gets Unofficial Release Window
Grand Theft Auto V

A Polish fan site recently leaked a supposed spring release window for Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. Of course, fan site leaks are about as reliable as that one friend who left you stranded at the airport for three hours because he was “spending time” with his girlfriend. Luckily, a more official source has come forward to confirm the window.

That source is UK retailer GAME, who has been quite reliable with its release date leaks in the past. In fact, it currently has pre-orders open as we speak.

GAME’s pre-order promotion also reveals something about the previously revealed pest control art-piece. Apparently, it may be some kind of box art, along with two other art-pieces that include a man with a sniper rifle on an ATV and a police officer *ahem* patting down another woman. Their promotion also reveals a screenshot of a helicopter, which has previously been announced as hijackable.

GAME’s promotional materials officially list the release date as Spring 2013. Rockstar has said that they will have more information about the game available in November.

by Angelo M. D'Argenio
10/30/2012 09:45AM
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