Epic Games Launches Steam Competitor
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Epic Games, of Fortnite fame, has announced a new digital video game storefront designed to compete with the likes of Steam and Origin. What really sets the Epic Games Store apart at this early stage is a revenue split that benefits developers much more so than anywhere else.

At least for now, Epic Games is attempting to draw developers to the Epic Games Store with an 88/12 revenue split, an unprecedented number in the online digital marketplace space. Traditionally, led by Steam, the revenue split is almost universally 70/30, which many in the industry point to as the reason so many developers and publishers have made their own launchers in recent years, muddying up the way gamers curate their collections.

This follows a move from Epic Games earlier this year, in which it similarly adjusted the revenue split of its Unreal asset store, which the company attributed to the phenomenal success of Fortnite. Clearly, that continued success is allowing Epic to make big moves like this, while still supporting the development community more than anyone else can claim to presently.

Source: Game Informer 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 12/04/2018

12/04/2018 11:20AM


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