First Major WWE 2K20 Patch Enters the Ring
WWE 2K20

When WWE 2K20 first arrived on the scene, it made quite a ruckus. (It wasn’t because it’s entrance theme was that catchy or good either.) A number of issues were keeping people from experiencing this year’s installment in the way Visual Concepts intended. Now, like drastically reduced Halloween candy, something important has appeared on November 1, 2019. The first major WWE 2K20 patch has arrived to start fixing the game.

Every single platform can now pick up WWE 2K20 patch 1.02. It’s a massive one, clocking in at about 1.4GB on each platform. Of course, that size directly relates to everything being done here. Lots of positive changes people have been requesting made it in. We won’t see people walking around weird anymore, as the “warping” should stop happening. Hair physics have been fixed, so it should look more like hair than tendrils. Object interactions have been fixed, downloads will work better, and the general internet experience should be a lot more stable. 

Here is the full list of issues that WWE 2K20 will have addressed in this first 1.02 patch.

  • Gameplay and Controls
  • Graphics and Clipping
  • Hair Physics
  • Hit detection and aiming
  • Interactions with tables, ladders, steel steps, and other objects
  • Referee actions
  • Onscreen button prompts
  • Characters “warping” or moving unnaturally around the arena
  • Crashes and Freezing
  • Image downloads
  • Entrances and attires
  • Universe mode editing and saving
  • Custom and Created Superstars and creation modes
  • Commentary and sound effects
  • Online Stability, matchmaking, desyncs, and lag

Also, as a reminder, this is only just the first WWE 2K20 patch. As 2K mentioned at the end of October 2019, it is taking the fan feedback and “#FixWWE2K20” requests seriously. A timeline hasn’t been set for additional updates, but the announcement says more will arrive “in the near future.”

Source: 2K Games

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 11/01/2019

11/01/2019 09:50AM
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